Wild Oat and Honey Face Mask for sensitive skin

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Product Description


Exfoliating mask infused with proprietary blends of Rosemary, Jojoba, Aloe, Willowbark, Wild Oat and Pure Honey. Leaves skin smooth and vibrant.

The skin enhancing and humectant properties of honey have been used since ancient times. Scientists at Waikato University recently documented that honey supports the skins' own cell renewal process, assists in the formation of stronger collagen which is responsible for the skins elasticity.

Honey contains anti-oxidants and is a natural anti-microbial agent.

Usage: Spread a light layer onto face, allow to dry fully for about 15 minutes. Rinse off, enjoy gently exfoliated skin. Follow with either serum and/or moisturizer. Use 1-2 times a week.

also great on chest, arms and back!

Honey natural changes in cold weather, just shake or stir to remix honey if this happens, its natural!

Housed in cobalt blue glass, approx 1.7 ounce by weight. made with strict manufacturing handmade principals!

Wild Oat and Honey Face Mask for sensitive skin

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