'Sleep Rox' Bath Salts : Sleep Enhancing Lavender Aromatherapy Soak

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Product Description


Lavender oil is legendary for pain, burns, skin disease and sleeping problems.

Our 100% high grade pacific solar salt is mixed with lavender oils and dried lavender herbs.

Toss just a handful in your bath and relax and allow your body to release toxins and become calmer and at peace.

Solar salt is a 'super agent in terms of removing toxins, adding minerals and reducing swelling in our bodies.

Lavender and Solar Salt are a potent combination to give you the sleep and rest you deserve.

10 oz by weight.

Housed in French Square reusable glass bottle - please recycle and resuse.

Heat sealed for freshness

'Sleep Rox' Bath Salts :  Sleep Enhancing Lavender Aromatherapy Soak

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