Fresh, Clean, Affordable make-up and skin care! We use organic and vegan ingredients whenever possible.

I started manufacturing skincare and mineral makeup in 2005 (under previous name of Habitat Cosmetics). My line has evolved over the years as new information regarding ingredients and natural sources are found. I continually research via trade, scientific and naturapathic journals about aromatherapy and natural skin care.

I adhere to very strict manufacturing guidelines, even though my line is handmade, it is not made dangerously! I have a clean studio, disinfected equipment, and very strict about quality and contamination. I adhere to the "Cosmetic Good Manufacturing Practice Guidelines".

After living and studying in Wales, Aberystywyth in 2001 for my graduate degree (MBA marketing), I was introduce to the Welsh nature preserves, specifically Ynyslas National Nature Reserve. I spent some time here contemplating life, my future and the beauty of my surroundings.

The trees grow on steep and rocky ground, the roots penetrating deep into cracks in the rocks. A deep gorge runs through the trees where mosses, liverworts and ferns thrive. There are also about 170 species of lichens underneath.

Ancient, breath taking. I knew that I want to somehow capture a bit of that purity and freshness and merge my interest in skincare and cosmetics. I have a background in the beauty products industry, working previously for a large international retail company specializing in cosmetics.

I specialize in private label customers- we can make a custom listing that incorporates your logo/branding/image/wording on products I make at my wholesale prices. I love this part of my work too!

Thus Fresh Sugar Rox was born.

Crushed Botanicals - Skin Care, Bath and Beauty products. Fusion of plants and essential oils.

We have been appreciative of our success this past year, and have tightened up and focused on our brand and design. Our new name is "crushed botanicals" and they can be found here