Medium Light- Deep Yellow Red Mineral Foundation

$16.00 USD


Product Description

Mineral Make up Foundation in Medium Light-Dark 12 + hour FULL coverage.

Gorgeous medium shade for those that have beautifully rich skin tones with yellow-red tones.

Perfect for Latina, Indian, African American and Southeast Asian skin tones

Pure Minerals. Gorgeous, velvet matte finish sold in 20 GRAM foundation jar (approx 7-8 grams by weight).

Just shake a bit of product on the upside down lid and swirl kabuki brush and buff on skin! flawless all day coverage.

*Superb micro formulated*

No harmful toxic substances, absolutely no dyes,lakes,carmines.

*Hand crafted since 2005, adhering to strict quality manufacturing guidelines*

We do not water down/dilute our mineral powders with any fillers and refuse to do so no matter how cheap the fillers that are available to us- are.

We never compromise on quality or manufacturing principals.

Medium Light- Deep Yellow Red Mineral Foundation

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