Acne Face Cleanser and Detox

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Product Description

"Pore Clarity" Charcoal activated for acne, stressed and problem skin. Detoxifying ingredients remove impurities and release toxic build-up.

One of our best sellers! fresh extracts of tea,plants,flowers and fruits make up this super lush detoxifying face cleanser.

Extracts such as lemon, orange, bilberry & cranberry work together with Rooibos tea and activated charcoal.

Especially made for problem skin that is under stress from acne, oil, pollutants and toxicities from the environment.

It cleanses absolutely yet gently with the help of creamy lavender which is a natural skin soother.

Lightly scented with an array of Lavender essential oils, this product is a gentle yet powerful combination of detoxifying beauty!

Sold in 4 oz plastic bottle.

Directions: Squeeze pea sized amount on hands, lather gently on face using circular motions, cleanse entire face throroughly.

Can also be used for body cleansing! remove with warm water.

Follow with our Willow Bark Toner that has acne fighting properties in it and complete with one of our moisturizers or serums.

* full ingredients available upon request*
*if you have problematic skin and need some direction on a regimine, please contact us and we would love to help- our products are not intended to treat or heal only a physician can*

Acne Face Cleanser and Detox

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